Mortal Kombat X – Comics


Written by: Shawn Kittelsen
Pencils: Dexter Soy 
Inks: Dexter Soy 
Colored by: Veronica Gandini  
Release Date: January 2015
Age Rating:17+ Only


Years ago, a great war between realms brought the universe to the brink of destruction. In their most desperate hour, Earthrealm’s champions rallied in strength and spirit„saving their world from the forces of evil. In the years that followed, there existed a peace between realms for the first time since the Mortal Kombat tournaments began. But peace did not last for long…
Part1 – As Takeda continues to train and study the ways of the Shirai Ryu, Raiden pays Scorpion a visitÉand a dangerous new threat emerges. Part 2 – After horrifically disfiguring himself and massacring the rest of the Shirai Ryu, Fox, possessed by an unknown force, implores Takeda to finish ScorpionÉor suffer the same fate as the rest of his clan!


Scorpion2 Kenshi2 Takeda2Kano2 Raiden2KotalKahn2 Fujin2 Mileena2 Fox2 HsuHao2 Suchin2

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